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Escorting Facts Slovakia

EQI (Escort Quality Index) incall escort services vienna
Legal Status Semi-legal
Average Cost of 12 hour Booking 800 EUR
Standard of English Good
Local Currency Euro (EUR)
Calling Code +421
Internet TLD .sk

Slovakia Overview

After the 1993 "Velvet Divorce" which split the old country of Czechoslovakia into the Czech Republic and Slovakia, the Slovaks initially fell behind in the economic race, and the country became known as a corrupt and backward nation. However, after reforms in 1998 it began to catch up at breakneck speed, and is now one of the 'economic tigers' of Central Europe.

Modern Slovakia has a booming property market (real estate is now more expensive in Bratislava than in nearby Vienna), many high-tech factories, and the country has been part of the Eurozone since 2009 (which the locals love to complain about, as prices of goods have skyrocketed since they joined).

Unfortunately, economic reforms have not been mirrored by reforms to prostitution laws, and the country has a curious legal position on this subject.

Prostitution itself is legal, but operating brothels and other activities related to organizing and profiting from prostitution are prohibited, so that running or owning an escort agency is illegal. However, lots of Slovak escort agencies bypass this problem by being based in nearby Vienna or Budapest.

It is true that Bratislava is full of brothels, so a logical question is how a brothel can exist in a country where activities connected with prostitution are illegal. The answer is quite ingenious: owners of brothels do not get a cut from the girl's earnings, they only "rent a room" to a lady to provide her services.

There are some very high quality independent escorts from Slovakia, but they advertise their services as being for Vienna and Budapest, and are rather reluctant to meet clients in Slovakia, particularly in the capital Bratislava.

The fact that the best quality escorts are not normally available here brings down my EQI rating for Slovakia to a 3...which is a real shame, as Slovak ladies are some of the best in the business....

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Bratislava Escort Guide

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Unusually for a capital city, Bratislava is located right on the border with Hungary and Austria, as it straddles both sides of the Danube. Bratislava and Vienna are less than 60 kilometres apart, and it can sometimes be easier to fly into Vienna airport and get a taxi into town.

Bratislava is a party town, a "Disneyland for Adults", particularly at weekends, when the city is filled with partying Westerners. The compact Old Town has many good bars and restaurants, and lots of beautiful women who are very friendly and speak good English.

In fact, your best choice for some quality action in Bratislava could be to just talk to ladies in bars and clubs, as many of the high-class escorts who do live in the city only work outside of it, in Vienna and in Budapest. The city is rather small, and many are scared of being seen by friends and relatives, so the choice of escorts can be somewhat limited.

My tip for a quality escort date in Slovakia is to persuade the escort of your choice to go with you a bit out of town, perhaps to the spa towns of Piešťany or Bojnice, or even to the High Tatras, where they will be less likely to be recognized and much more relaxed. It has worked for me in the past!

Best Escorting Hotels in Bratislava

Best Restaurants in Bratislava

Best Bars in Bratislava

Must See....

  • Not far from Bratislava, and right on the Danube border with Austria, lies the very impressive fortifications of Devin Castle.

Best place to meet ladies the conventional way....

  • Slovak women love shopping, so the best place to find them is by walking around the Aupark or Avion shopping centres. Just walk up and talk to them, they won't bite!

Escort Tours in Bratislava

Strip Clubs in Bratislava

Brothels in Bratislava

Other Adult Services

Best avoided....

  • Circus Barok is a disco boat on the other side of the Danube from the Old Town. Used to be fun, now full of stag night groups.


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