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Eurocourtesans is a magazine which approaches the subject of escorting from a journalistic perspective. The material on the site is considered Free Speech and is protected by the First Amendment of the USA.

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Material relating to escorts

Eurocourtesans highlights the best escorts, agencies, bars, hotels, resturants and events in the world. It also reports on issues related to the escorting community. To do this effectively, Eurocourtesans links to other websites, which are to be considered part of the public domain. Eurocourtesans will also use certain materials from other sites as part of our journalistic reports. We will always ensure that the materials clearly link back to the site where the material was sourced from, and the materials will always be presented as being the property of the source site. If you are a copyright owner who does not wish their materials (images, email addresses or phone numbers) to appear on this site, you may contact the management and the material will be removed as soon as possible.