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Escorting Facts Austria

EQI (Escort Quality Index) incall escort services vienna
Legal Status Legal
Average Cost of 12 hour Booking 800 EUR
Standard of English Good
Local Currency Euro (EUR)
Calling Code +43
Internet TLD .at

Austria Overview

This land-locked Alpine country in the very centre of Europe has much to offer the travelling business executive, the tourist visitor seeking culture, scenery and charming cities, and the hobbyist in need of some escorting fun.

Reasons to Do Business There

Despite it's banks having a large exposure to the EE mortgage market, the Austrian economy survived the 2008 financial shock much better than others.

What is the Escorting Scene like?

The last time prostitution was completely forbidden in Austria was in the 18th Century under Empress Maria Theresa, who would ship prostitutes down the Danube to the Banat (modern-day Romania).

These days, you don't need to go to the Banat for escorting fun, since Austria has legalized and regulated the world's oldest hobby. Unlike in neighbouring Germany, the vast majority (75%) of escorts are migrants, mostly from the ex-communist bloc.

In Vienna in particular, the close proximity to the Slovak capital Bratislava means that many escorts which advertise themselves as in Austria are in fact based in Slovakia. The increased supply means an overnight booking in Vienna can be made for as low as 450 Euros.

However, the quality at that price level can be inconsistent, which brings my star rating down to a 3 - but you can definitely score a 5 with some good research and my guide to help you!

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The Austrian scene offers not only escorting at all quality and price levels, but bordellos and strip clubs are legal as well, and the high class clubs of Babylon are must visits in the cities of Vienna, Salzburg and now also in Klagenfurt.

So if you are in need of some erotic diversion, Austria is certainly an interesting destination. Skiing, fine dining, world class opera and beautiful scenery make the country a good choice for a longer date.



Best escort ladies in Vienna, Bratislava and Prague.

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Vienna Escort Guide

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The home of OPEC, the International Atomic Energy Agency, and a host of Central Europe's largest banking groups, the Austrian capital of Vienna is consistently rated as having one of the highest qualities of life of any large city in the world.

What is the Escorting Scene like?

Vienna's escort scene is closey tied with Bratislava's, as the Slovak capital is just 40 minutes away by car. Many independent escorts that you might find listed under Vienna are in fact based in Bratislava.

This Vienna-Bratislava overlap is even more true for escort agencies, since pimping is illegal in Slovakia, and most Slovak agencies claim to be based in Vienna (even going as far as using an Austrian telephone number). With the Hungarian capital of Budapest also very close, the choice of EE ladies in Vienna is very high.

Some of these EE ladies and agencies deliver a quality service, but you should read some review sites before booking, or just stick to the trusted independents and agencies listed on this guide.

Personally, I find the best way to really enjoy the cultural heritage of Vienna is in the company of a genuine Austrian lady, and to book such a companion, there are some good local Austrian agencies, or you can book through some of the top German agencies who cover Southern Germany and Austria.

Best Escorting Hotels in Vienna

Best Restaurants in Vienna

Best Bars in Vienna

Must See....

  • To embrace the elegance and history of the Hapsburg era, a little bit away from the centre is the Schönbrunn Palace. The perfect place for a romantic walk through beautiful gardens.

Must Do....

  • Visit the Prater park and enjoy a ride on one of Vienna's most famous landmarks, the giant Ferris wheel called the Riesenrad.

    It moves very slowly (about one revolution every 20 minutes), and the cabins are small and intimate, so riders can enjoy views of the park and the city..

Best Strip Clubs in Vienna

Strip Clubs in Vienna also usually have a brothel section as well. The technical term for this hybrid is a "Nachtclub".

High Class Bordellos in Vienna

  • Babylon A very high class club/brothel and a bit of a Vienna institution. You can't miss their large advertising poster just before you collect your baggage at Vienna Airport. You should definitely spend an evening here.
  • Kings Club
  • Roma club


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